Avdiivka coke reduces capacity because of the shortage of fuel on OUSE


The suspension of the antitrust agencies of the procurement of diesel fuel Ukrzaliznytsya has already felt the Avdiivka coke plant

Avdiivka coke plant (group Metinvest) reduces production because of declining freight volume Uz. This was announced on his page at Facebook the enterprise's General Director Musa Magomedov.

"Today on wheels is 19 thousand tons of coke, which are not accepted for carriage by rail. In a day we produce 7 thousand tons, are taken in the best now only 5 thousand today - 2,4 thousand tons. Three more days and we will napechataem station Avdeevka. This morning gave the command to reduce to 6 thousand tons per day, while the coke residues at metallurgists is not. To further reduce nowhere - you need to leave again in conservation and bear sorpotel on the purchase of natural gas," he said.

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According to Magomedov, this situation has arisen because of corrupt solicitation of purchases of diesel fuel Ukrzaliznica.

He believes that in the procurement of diesel fuel necessary to switch to straight formula-based contract with the manufacturer - otherwise no indexation of tariffs is not enough to Finance such purchases.

"Why a business in crisis needs every day to work hard on reducing their costs, and the monopoly of the state, essentially earning billions in revenue on the MMC - no?" - said Magomedov.

"Ukrzaliznytsia is once again trying to shift your questionable costs to consumers," he added.

We will remind, on March 3 it became known that the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine has suspended the purchase of diesel fuel for needs of the railway industry. In Ukrzaliznytsia said that the appointment of the AMC for March 28 consideration of the complaint of two members of the competition can lead to stop trains because of diesel fuel reserves will be exhausted. As reported, the existing fuel stock will last for 5 days.