Bulgaria is not against to revive the project South stream - media


A formal proposal for the resumption of the project Moscow had not received, but the Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation received information about the readiness of Bulgaria to negotiate

Bulgaria ponder over the resumption of the South stream project. About this reports Prime, citing sources from the Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation.

It is noted that the official proposal of the Russian side on this account has not received, but the Ministry gets informed that Bulgaria is ready to resume negotiations.

At the beginning of this year, Bulgarian media reported about a possible resumption of work on the project South stream. But later denied this information, both Russia and Bulgaria.

Recall from the construction of the leading in Bulgaria of the South stream gas pipeline capacity of 63 billion cubic meters of Russia declined at the end of 2014. The abolition of the Moscow explained the supposedly "non-constructive position of the European Commission" and the difficulties in the construction of the gas pipeline in Bulgaria.

Later Russian gas monopoly PJSC Gazprom announced that the pipeline of similar capacity will be built under the Black sea by the end of 2016, but it will not lead to Bulgaria, and in Turkey - to hub on the Turkish-Greek border. In early December, Russia has suspended talks on Turkish stream due to the political crisis.

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