France's Total to produce oil off the coast of Uruguay


In Total the representative of Uruguay said that the company has begun preparations for the drilling of wells Raya-1 in block 14 offshore Uruguay

French oil company Total has announced that in mid-March will begin oil exploration off the coast of Uruguay. This was announced today in Montevideo said the Director of the division razvedroty company in Uruguay Christian Tichacek, reports Agency MercoPress.

"Previously this area scouted out. We undertook a very risky project, but we believe that we will be able to find something. This may be the first opening that will be the beginning of something more," he said.

The company said that on Thursday, March 10, began preparations for the drilling of wells Raya-1 in block 14 of the Uruguayan offshore platform and drilling will begin in mid-March.

It is noted that the size of block 14, located 250 km from the coast of Uruguay, is about 7 thousand square miles -
one of the most important sea exploration wells for the company on the American continent.

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