Goldman Sachs: Average oil price in the second quarter will be $35


Goldman Sachs analysts are predicting some growth of quotations in the oil markets during the year

Experts at Goldman Sachs started seeing signs of rebalancing supply and demand in the oil market. The forecast of oil prices from the Bank in the second quarter of the current year is $25-45 per barrel (average of $35 per barrel), writes MarketWatch.

According to analysts, in the third and fourth quarter average price of black gold may reach $40 per barrel.

Experts at Goldman Sachs explain some growth of quotations on oil markets supply disruptions from several countries outside OPEC. This factor will continue in the future.

The European Central Bank (ECB), by contrast, lowered its price forecast. The price of Brent, according to experts of the ECB, on average, will amount to $34.9 per barrel this year. Previously, the regulator had forecast $52,2 per barrel.

The ECB also lowered its price forecast for 2017 to us $41,2 per barrel early in the expected rate in $57,5 for barrel. The forecast for 2018 is $44,9 per barrel.

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