Media: North Korea has lost his submarine


The DPRK military has lost contact with his submarine and can't find the submarine, according to the American TV channel CNN.

According to channel, the U.S. military has followed a North Korean submarine, she stopped moving off the East coast of the DPRK. Then American satellites, aircraft, and ships a few days watched as the Navy of the DPRK was trying to find the submarine.

The U.S. does not know whether the ship sank or drifting under water. Probably on Board the submarine there were some problems during the exercise. May military North Korea could develop a missile launch from submarines, reports TASS.

March 10, the DPRK fired two short-range missiles into the sea of Japan. The launch of a similar missile was also fired on 3 March.

On 2 March the UN security Council adopted a resolution on the tightening of sanctions against North Korea in response to Pyongyang conducted a nuclear test, and startup booster with the satellite. Pyongyang has rejected UN security Council resolution on the basis that the nuclear test "was carried out in self-defense" in response to hostile US policy and the launch &#151