Snowden said the desire to return to the US


Former employee of U.S. intelligence Edward Snowden said that he would like to return to the United States, however, regardless of the place of stay intends to continue its activities.

This is isolecithal system of total surveillance national security Agency (NSA) said during a video conference at the Brooklyn Academy of music (BAM), reports RIA Novosti.

Edward Snowden: "What's going on personally with me in this context and in the context of our country, not so important. And I'm okay with that".

Snowden admitted that in the beginning "expect the worst outcome".

Edward Snowden: "I never chose to be in Russia, and I would prefer to return to my country."

While Snowden has assured that in case of refusal he will "continue to work with the same effectiveness".

Earlier, billionaire Donald trump, candidate for U.S. President from the Republican party, said that Snowden is a spy and needs to return to the US for trial. Trump added: "if Russia respects us as a country she must return it." Snowden has repeatedly stated that ready to return to the U.S., if the government guarantees him a fair trial.

Европарламент призвал страны ЕС защитить Сноудена
Former NSA analyst Edward Snowden became world famous after in 2013 declassified facts of surveillance of American special services for foreign leaders and ordinary people. In the US, Edward Snowden faces up to 30 years in prison. He currently lives in Russia, where he received a residence permit.