Supporters and opponents of trump loggerheads in Chicago


In Chicago because of the riots at the rally was canceled speech by Donald trump.

Before performing billionaire at the rally, which was attended by supporters of trump, there was a mass brawl. Clash with protesters gave the opponents of the Republican. Fighters have to break in to the police.

Among the opponents trump were young people dressed in t-shirts with slogans "Muslims United against trump" and "We will make America hate again", referring to the slogan of the campaign trump "let's Make America great again." The billionaire's supporters chanted "We want trump" and "United States", reports RIA Novosti.

Trump's speech was cancelled because of security reasons. It will be rescheduled for another day, reports TASS.

Donald trump is a favorite in the presidential race among Republicans, and the Republican party itself does everything that the eccentric billionaire did not pass in the election. Trump is known for his harsh statements and proposals. For example, he promised to build the wall on the border with Mexico to protect against illegals and encouraged deny Muslims entry in the United States.

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