In Crimea have caught the smuggler, importing ammunition from Ukraine


In Crimea have caught the courier who tried to smuggle ammunition from Ukraine. Employees of the Crimean Department of the FSB detained the smuggler at a checkpoint &quot

The suspicions of border guards called the passenger cars of Volkswagen Passat, a resident of Kharkiv region. The FSB decided to check the trunk of the car. The results were found combat and traumatic cartridges and the holder of the optical sight.

The representative of FSB of Russia on Republic of Crimea: "As a result of screening with the use of technical means personal belongings of a citizen of Ukraine found live ammunition of 7.62 mm, traumatic cartridges caliber 9 mm with rubber bullets and holder telescopic sight".

Border guards also found in the car 85 coins that can represent historical and cultural value. All the finds were seized, reports RIA Novosti.