In Slovakia, will launch a supersonic Hyperloop vacuum train


The Hyperloop company signed with Slovakia agreement on the possible construction of a supersonic transport capsule system

The company Hyperloop Transportation Technologies has signed with the government of Slovakia the contract on the possible construction of a supersonic transport system connecting Bratislava with Vienna (Austria) and Budapest (Hungary). About the company announced in its press release.

As reported the edition of Mashable, now the drive from the Slovak capital to the Austrian capital by car takes about an hour, Hyperloop would reduce this time to eight minutes.

"Slovak Hyperloop will appear fairly quickly," said CEO Dirk Ahlborn, without specifying a particular time frame of construction.

He also said that the final project budget will be approved after a joint meeting with representatives of the EU and Slovak investors. "There are still some unaccounted factors, such as the exact route," added Albarn.

The head of the company noted that Slovakia is the technological leader in the automotive field, energy industry and science, which are an integral part of the Hyperloop system.

The launch of supersonic trains in Slovakia will contribute to further release of innovative transport technologies in the rest of Europe.

The Hyperloop Transportation Technologies plans to build a track North of Los Angeles in 2016.

Help. Hyperloop is a system of pipes to move the capsule with passengers. It is a hybrid of vacuum trains and Maglev. In the future it is expected to achieve a high-speed train 1130 km per hour, with a drastic reduction of air resistance and simultaneous failure from magnets. The Hyperloop train is moving along a sealed pipe, the pressure of which does not exceed one-thousandth of atmospheric pressure.

The project is owned by American businessman Ilona Mask, the founder of SpaceX and CEO of Tesla Motors.

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