Cyclist kolobnev has the hunting ban of Meldonium before the Olympics


Russian professional road Bicycle racer Alexander Kolobnev called a well-planned diversion ban of the substance Meldonium in the year of the Olympic games.

Your opinion about around the outbreak of Meldonium scandal Alexander Kolobnev expressed in the statement on their official website. The athlete said that for the first time learned of the existence of a domestic preparation "Mildronate", which contains Meldonium, 20 years ago and already then doubted the properties attributed to him.

Alexander Kolobnev: "Manual instructions, and the fact that someone runs faster or further hurls a spear from the "Mildronata", personally I was skeptical in the last century. By the way, this drug in the times of the USSR have developed for heart patients and alcoholics, but not for elite athletes".

Cyclist drew attention to the fact that 30 years the whole world knew that in the post-Soviet space "Mildronate" is popular, but to blacklist him was made in the Olympic year.

Alexander Kolobnev: "A couple of months ago I heard the theory that the theme of Meldonium "selling" either the Germans or the Americans for inclusion in the list. After all, before you add any substance on the prohibited list, his monitor a year. Understand who, where, when and how uses. And if there are obvious signs of use, may include. Why not include Meldonium? Because so many of the Russian athletes use it! You can still "Riboksin", "Potassium orotate", "Panangin", "Carnitine". After all, someone crashes, and someone is Russian. And in this Olympic year."

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