The Venice Commission urged the Russian Federation to amend the law on the constitutional court


The Venice Commission of the Council of Europe has offered Russia to make a number of amendments to the law on the constitutional court.

It is about the law on the priority of constitutional court decisions over the decisions of international courts. It was developed in pursuance of the COP decision, in which he ruled that will solve the issue of execution of ECtHR judgments for each case individually, and decisions of the ECHR are enforceable only with regard to the recognition of the supremacy of the Constitution of Russia

The Council of Europe has previously expressed concern about this law, however, the Venice Commission, which consists of legal experts, spoke out for the first time notes RIA Novosti. The Venice Commission encourages change some of the wording of the law, in particular, to remove the article, preventing the execution of international decisions, recognised as not corresponding to the Constitution.

In the law, in the Commission's opinion, should be spelled out the obligation of the Russian authorities to find alternative ways of implementation of international decisions. Also it should clearly indicate that the individual measures set out in the decisions of the European court, such as the payment of the just satisfaction could not be evaluated for constitutionality, according to "Interfax".

The opinion of the Venice Commission considered provisional, because Russian officials met with reporters on the subject in the allotted period since December last year and March this and do not bring its case. If such meetings will be organized after March, and the Russian side will present their arguments, the Venice Commission will formulate the final opinion.