Hungarians and poles are spending money in the Ukrainian supermarkets


For the first two months of 2016, the sales in the border shops in Western Ukraine have increased by 20-40%. This is the highest rate in the country

Western Ukraine is becoming more attractive to retailers. According to the Deputy head of the Supervisory Board of PAKKO Holding (PAKKO network, Vopak) Oleh Merchenko, in January-February sales in supermarkets increased on average by 20-40% compared to the same period last year. This is more than the national average. According to three Directors of a large food networks, during the same period, sales volume rose by about 10-15% compared with the first two months of the previous year. This trend ЛІГА.net confirms the Director of Association of retail suppliers Oleksiy Doroshenko. According to him, the monthly sales of a store area of approximately 100 sq m, located near the Polish border, is 1.5 million USD. "This is two times more compared to the beginning of last year", - said the expert. This trend fix and Ukrainian natural markets located along the Western border.


Source: State border service

ЛІГА.net found out what has caused the surge in sales.

The Slovaks, Hungarians and poles actively come to Ukraine to shop, explains the phenomenon Oleh Merchenko. "Buy a trunk of products and going home," he says.

The increase in the number of border crossings are fixed and the State border service. According to her, if in February 2015, the Ukrainian-Polish border was crossed by 1.33 million people, in the same month this year - 1.87 million For the same period, the flow at the Ukrainian-Hungarian border has increased from 448 000 to 612 000 people, and the Ukrainian-Slovak - from 169 000 to 185 000 people. As previously posted ЛІГА.net, last year the number of Ukrainian tourists traveling abroad decreased by 30-40%.


Source: State border guard service

What was the reason for the increased demand in the border shops? Alexey Doroshenko said that the significant difference in prices. After the devaluation of the hryvnia from 8 to 27 UAH per dollar, Ukrainian food prices rose by only 30-40%, making them attractive to foreigners. "They buy goods long term storage, alcoholic beverages and cigarettes," says Doroshenko. For example, in the Slovak Tesco Bank of dark beer 0,5 l Urpiner is 0,55 Euro (16,5 USD), whereas in the Ukrainian shop you can find at 9-11 USD. The price of cheese in Tesco is 6-7 Euro (180-200 USD) per kilogram, while the Ukrainian equivalent of 120-130 USD. Alcoholic drinks and hygiene products as a rule, in our country in half to two times cheaper. "In border areas we sell Coca-Cola all the fours", - said Oleh Merchenko.


Source: State border service

Western Ukraine will become one of the priority regions for the development of retail in the next few years. For example, actively access the discounters in the Lviv region this year plans ATB. "The network is actively opening stores in this part of the country, and competition becomes tougher," says co-owner of Furshet Ihor Balenko. According to the research company GT Partners Ukraine, if in 2013, every fifth shop was opened in the West of the country, in the past year - almost every third. Last year the Lviv region was the second for the number of new stores in the city. In this region there was 44. This year this trend will only intensify.