Russia's war against Ukraine: recent developments in the Donbass


What happens in Lugansk, Donetsk, Mariupol, debaltseve, Gorlovka and other hot spots East of Ukraine

By annexing Crimea, Russia continued the anti-Ukrainian aggression in the territory of Donbass. Artificial Donetsk and Luhansk "people's Republic" became centers combining Russian mercenaries, professional fighters, subversive groups on the basis of immigrants from the Caucasus and local Pro-Russian activists. Receiving from the RF financing and arms, including heavy armored vehicles, MLRS Grad, Hurricane, Tornado, terrorists regularly shelled not only camps and checkpoints ATO forces, but also residential houses, resulting in everywhere innocent people die.

From mid-July 2014, when the ATO forces reached significant progress in the liberation of Donbass, the Russian side throws to the East of Ukraine the soldiers of the Russian Federation with heavy weapons. Occurs Ilovajskij boiler, which killed a large number of soldiers ATO. President Poroshenko claims Russian troops in Ukraine.

In Minsk on 5 September 2014 following the meeting of the trilateral contact group signed the agreement on ceasefire in the Donbass. The following Memorandum, providing for the withdrawal of troops and the establishment of a buffer zone, signed by the same group in Minsk on 20 September. However, despite achievement of arrangements, positions of forces of ATO and residential quarters on the captured militants and the Russian military areas continue to be subjected to massive attacks.

After a relative lull at the end of 2014, since the beginning of January, Russian-terrorist troops went into active offensive involving heavy losses on both sides. The Donetsk airport held by Ukrainian cyborgs on for 242 days, from-for continuous attacks were completely destroyed and unfit for defense, 21 January the ATO forces left the strategic facility. The line of demarcation established Minsk Memorandum, as a result of enemy action in some places relegated to the West. Another round of talks of the trilateral contact group in Minsk on January 31 was thwarted by the leaders of DNR/LNR and ended inconclusively. Two weeks later, on 12 February in Minsk took place parallel to the talks between the leaders of Ukraine, Germany, France and Russia, as well as members of the contact group. The parties approved the new agreement, one which provides for a ceasefire in the Donbass February 15 at 00 hours Kyiv time. Russian troops still have not begun to implement the first item of new agreements.


16:50. Ukrainian businessman Rinat Akhmetov says that he is ready for any steps to stop the war in the Donbass and remains a supporter of peace at the negotiating table.

16:41. 12 March on the basis of materials of SBU the court arrested the former Chairman of Novoaydarsky regional Council, which in may 2014 was organized in the district of the separatist "referendum".

15:32. Vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Oksana Syroid said that the Council of national security and defence and parliamentary Committee on security questions are blocking the adoption of the bill on recognition of DPR and LPR terrorist organizations.

15:22. Russian occupiers in Simferopol using Crimea scarce potable water for street cleaning.

14:25. The issue of transfer of Ukraine's army and Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Hope Savchenko will not be considered until the decision of the Russian court during her trial.

13:46. During the antiterrorist operation in the Donbass killed 67 soldiers of the State border service.

13:22. To ensure militants hybrid of Russian Federation army in the area of the Town, the Russian Federation continues to redeployment to Russia will supply Ukraine military equipment, fuel and ammunition.

13:03. As a result of regular clashes with the ATO forces in the Donbas Pro-Russian militants suffered significant losses.

12:50. Employees of the State border service recorded on March 11 spans four Russian helicopters on the administrative border with annexed by Russia Crimea.

12:44. For the past day in the fighting, two Ukrainian soldiers were killed and one was injured.

12:03. The lawyer of the political prisoner Nadiya Savchenko mark Feigin promised to sue the prankerami Alexey Stolyarov (Lexus) and Vladimir Kuznetsov (Vova).

11:27. The leader of the terrorist organization the Luhansk national Republic Igor Carpenter did the investigators of the security service of Ukraine in Lugansk for his testimony.

10:01. Harsh statements of U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry and Vice President Joe Biden demanding the immediate release of Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko, are a breakthrough in fact a political prisoner, said her lawyer Ilya Novikov

09:51. In the case of poor content fighters of the 53rd OMBRE on the military range Wide lang in the Nikolaev area arrests punished with detention in a guardhouse already seven officers of the brigade and two officers OK the East.

09:46. In the Russian Federation the judiciary is performing the role of "contractors" of the Federal security service of the country, said the leader of the Crimean Tatar people Mustafa Dzhemilev.

08:27. Advanced SMM patrol base in the village of the Luhansk temporarily closed.

08:03. Today, the official journal of the European Union published a decision to extend sanctions against 146 citizens of the Russian Federation and 37 companies for violating the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

07:23. For the past day hybrid Russian army 75 times fired position forces ATO: 59 - Donetsk, 15 - tanks and 1 - on Lugansk the directions.

06:07. The Ukrainian world Congress welcomes the extension of sanctions by the European Union and the United States in support of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine.

00:40. Ukrainian political prisoners after trials in the Russian Federation continue to be subjected to torture.

00:05. The head of the specialized bar Association of St. Petersburg Arkady Chaplygin wrote a letter to the Main investigation Department of the Russian Federation with a demand to initiate a criminal case against one of the former leaders of the militants of the terrorist organization DNR Igor Girkin.


23:45. The militants have resumed a pontoon crossing through the river the Seversky Donets near the village of Krasilovka the Luhansk region.

23:01. The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine appealed to Russia with the requirement to transfer illegally detained in Russia Ukrainian Oleksandr Kolchenko in the chamber with normal conditions.

22:43. The Russian authorities did not give permission for access of Ukrainian doctors to Hope Savchenko.

21:59. The Ministry of justice has written to the Russian side the transfer documents only four Ukrainian citizens - Sentsov, Kolchenko, Afanasyev and Soloshenko, as their cases already have the sentences of the courts.

20:31. At today's meeting of trilateral contact group in Minsk, representatives of Russia refused to discuss the possible options for release of Hope Savchenko.

19:59. The court in the Nikolaev area appointed punishment in the form of arrest with the maintenance on a guardroom another four commanders responsible for the content of the soldiers of the 53rd ABMR on the range Wide lang in nikolayevshchina in unsatisfactory conditions.

19:14. The US considers the issue of restoring security in Donbas paramount compared with the local elections in the region.

18:49. Since the beginning of the day controlled by Russian gangs 31 times fired at positions of the Ukrainian military. According to the press center of the ATO, the occupants continue to use the Minsk agreements prohibited weapons.

17:19. SBU summoned the leader of the terrorist organization LNR Igor Carpentry. In the notice published on the Agency's website, notes that Carpenter must appear for questioning on March 17.

Igor Carpenter (photo - EPA)

17:09. Intelligence received confirmation of another loss of Russian occupation forces in Eastern Ukraine.

16:28. In occupied Crimea, special forces seize the Ukrainian passport.

16:10. The representative of Ukraine in the tripartite group to resolve the conflict in the Donbas Leonid Kuchma at a meeting of the group in Minsk said that the Western partners of Ukraine, raising the issue of elections in the Donbass, there is no principled position on the withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of the region.

15:59. Today under the fire of the insurgents in Eastern Ukraine got maintenance teams performing work on the pipeline Marinka - Krasnogorovka.

15:57. In the mission of OSCE observers claim that the unannounced monitoring their patrols complicated in the temporarily occupied territory of Donbass.

15:52. At the meeting of the trilateral contact group in Minsk raised the issue of releasing of Nadezhda Savchenko.

15:41. At the meeting of the trilateral contact group in Minsk, the Ukrainian side has once again raised the issue of releasing Ukrainian hostages, including Hope Savchenko, and also noted the failure of the Pro-Russian militants of the cessation of military exercises with firings.

13:35. In "the Savchenko list" is proposed to include involved in the illegal detention in Russia of Regis