The DPRK troops are ready to strike on the "enemy groups" USA and South Korea


The General staff of North Korea announced the readiness of the armed forces of the country to the preemptive strike in connection with the teachings from March 7 hold South Korea and the United States.

According to the statements of the General staff, which was circulated by the Embassy of DPRK in Moscow, from today, all connections are transferred to the state of readiness for "the preemptive retributive strike on enemy groups participating in the exercises."

In the General staff stressed that "the patience of the North Korean army coming to an end".

The General staff of North Korea: "Immediately upon detection of an intention of aggression on the sacred earth, water and sky that spread out on our sovereignty, our army decisively destroy and crush by military force involved all the troops and military means. This is our original method of rapid response".

The strike will be "comprehensive, sudden, and point" warned the General staff of the DPRK.

The General staff of North Korea: "Our army keeps in its sight the aggressors, raging to incite war, and waits only a moment for retribution."

The U.S. and South Korea launched annual joint military exercises on March 7. The Russian foreign Ministry in connection with sharp reaction from Pyongyang on maneuvers called on all parties to show restraint. In Moscow also noted that the U.S.-South Korean military exercises, formally scheduled, in reality are unprecedented in scale.