Will turned off from their networks, the number of Russian TV channels


Ukrainian provider makes changes to the content of TV programs

Ukrainian national telecommunications provider WILL exclude from their packages of TV programs Starting and the Optimal number of Russian TV channels. The company said in its press release.

It is noted that the WILL takes the decision of the National Council of Ukraine on television and radio broadcasting, which entered into force today, March 11, and oblige the Ukrainian providers to exclude from the packages for several TV production in Russia.

In the list of prohibited the national Council of TV entered My planet, Time: distant and close, Science 2.0, an amusement Park, Telecafe, top secret, Real Scary TV (NSTV), Chanson TV, Sarafan, Marine, Autoplus and a Fighter. They are recognized as inconsistent with the requirements of the European Convention on transfrontier television and laws of Ukraine.

"According to our analytical system, none of these channels were not included in the top-20 in popularity among subscribers. We have measures in place to meet the preferences of our users. In the coming months we have planned the launch of new entertainment, educational and other thematic channels, the content of which complies with the requirements of the legislation", - said the President of the company Sergey Boyko.

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